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Your choice jewelleryLike many typical stories, this one started with a dream and a heavy dose of devotion. But nevertheless that was the most important of all….

I am Eléanor Prospere from the french Caribbean Island of Martinique. Since the age of 12, I found myself deeply drawn to jewellery and fashion, but it was not until I became a mother that my passion and ambition intensified. With that gave me the drive and eager to develop and nourish that dream. Although I had very little tools at the time, the unconditional love I have for my son somehow urged me to create something different which then resparkled that flame

(maybe only mother’s would understand this.). From then on, the interest for eccentric fashion combined with various cultural inspirations gave rise to atypical and unique sketches.

One of the very first collections I created was the Kandula Collection. It began at a very difficult time in my life. I had many mountains to climb and deserts to cross and the biggest of them all was hitchhiking to meet my clients, as I didn’t know how to drive. Having to travel through sketchy neighborhoods was as risky as it sounds. But nevertheless I used this struggle to make the collection come to life. Like a blessing in disguise, it allowed me to harvest that energy into my creativity. Yes, it sounds like many artists who drew their inspiration from their troubles but where else can you hone in that great amount of pressure. Life is all about making the best of what we got!

I linked my love for designing with that of animals, specifically, endangered species with a special preference for elephants. This sensitivity for such a beautiful yet vulnerable creature came about the Kandula Collection, which features a design in an assortment of pieces to  decorate the whole body. Historically, the name “Kandula” comes from the trustworthy animal of the king Dutugamunu of shri-lanka who accompanied him in most of his adventures and allowed him to unify his country against king Elara of south india. Something the world needs today, working alongside animals for a greater cause.

Before “Your Choice Jewellery” came to life in 2018, it first began with my jewellery brand called “Fearless Jewelry” launched in Luxembourg, 2012. I suddenly became both a manager and a designer. The intention for this brand was to create jeweleries that are authentic, audacious and vibrant for women. The kind that can dismantle the barriers and social pressures of modern trends.

Gradually, through determination, hard work and, to be honest, some tears, I was finally able to experience joy and satisfaction from my work through a targeted and faithful clientele and thus gaining a spot in this very competitive market.

Fearless Jewelry has evolved over the years from creating collections to now providing a personalized jewelry to customers in high definition 3D jewelry. Using high-technology tools in developing the product to manufacturing, ensuring that every step is carried out with care to bring a realistic look of the jewelry. Once the jewel is modeled in 3D, it is printed in the chosen metal: 18k gold or rhodium plated sterling silver with any stone of your choice.

We thank you for experiencing this journey with us!